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Vicki Gibson

Executive Director, Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County Co-Founder, Mobile Comunidad

Vicki Gibson is the Executive Director of the Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County, co-founder of Mobile Comunidad, and President of Friends of the Jeff Davis County Library. Drawing from her background in food service management, nonprofit management, and as a Registered Nurse she is dedicated to feeding the hungry and promoting literacy in Jeff Davis County.

Gwin Grimes

Co-Founder, Mobile Comunidad

Gwin Grimes a founder of Mobile Comunidad and, as its Development Director, writes grants to help fund the initiative. As a librarian and former director of Jeff Davis County Library, she provides guidance in the bookmobile and library services aspect of Mobile Comunidad.

Jeanine Bishop

President, Friends of the Jeff Davis County Library Co-Founder, Mobile Comunidad

Jeanine Bishop has more than 30 years of non-profit experience in the areas of leadership and finance. She is a founder of Mobile Comunidad and is treasurer of Friends of the Jeff Davis County Library. She is employed as the Executive Director of Alpine Humane Society. She has a passion for non-profit work and is committed to improving lives in the communities where she lives and works.

Dawn Healey

Interim Director, Jeff Davis County Library

Dawn Healey, formerly Program Director for Mobile Comunidad, was named interim County Library Director in December, 2021. Dawn has connections with many members of the community and continues to ensure that the library provides patrons and visitors with current materials, computer access, and quality programs and activities. She also oversees the Kid’s Pantry, located inside the Jeff Davis County Library.

Brittney Little

Program Coordinator, Mobile Comunidad

Brittney Little is the program coordinator for Mobile Comunidad, the administrative assistant for the Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County, and the program director for a mobile nutrition education kitchen cart known as the Charlie Cart Project. With a background in non-profit work and food service, she is devoted to helping people develop self agency, thrive in their community, and empower themselves through nutrition.

Stephen Chavez

Transportation Coordinator, Mobile Comunidad

Stephen Chavez is the Transportation Coordinator for Mobile Comunidad. He is a local resident who has more than 25 years in customer service. He has been a certified master technician and has worked in satellite technology service.