Feeding Minds and Bodies in Jeff Davis County, Texas

…an outreach program of The Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County and Friends of the Jeff Davis County Library, in partnership with the Jeff Davis County Library, committed to lifting people up by meeting a variety of social services needs, right where they live.



FORT DAVIS – Mobile Comunidad is currently seeking one or two people from Jeff Davis County to become trained as Community Health Workers (CHWs). Paid training will be provided by the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center via distance learning.

The CHW training program involves 10 hours per week of courses for 16 weeks, paid at the rate of $20 per hour. Once trained, CHWs will assist community members in gaining access to needed services and will build relationships between individuals, the community, and the area’s healthcare system.

Ideally, the CHW candidates will already have close connections within the community, excellent communications skills, reliable transportation, and be experienced in various computer systems, including social media platforms. In addition, fluency in both English and Spanish will be important. Following training, Mobile Comunidad will work with the CHW candidate to attain a paying position to provide services in Jeff Davis County. No prior healthcare knowledge is required.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) explains that, in the United States, community health workers (CHWs) help us meet national Healthy People goals by conducting community-level activities and interventions that promote health and prevent diseases and disability. CHWs are trusted, respected members of the community who serve as a bridge between their community members and professionals in the field of health and human services. They provide an essential service by establishing and improving relationships between these professionals and members of the community.

As community health educators and role models, CHWs promote, encourage, and support positive, healthful self-management behaviors among their peers. As community advocates, CHWs help people get the services and follow-up care they need. CHWs serve as patient and community advocates, as “coaches” for disease management, and as patient “navigators,” guiding patients through the health care system. They also strengthen their community’s understanding and acceptance of medical care. The recognition of their successes has led to recommendations that CHWs be included as members of health care teams to help eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health care.

Mobile Comunidad is an outreach collaboration between the Friends of the Jeff Davis County Library and the Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County, providing nutrition, food, library, and social services to residents of Jeff Davis County.

To find out more about the Community Health Worker program, please call 432-249-1024. Training begins in January.


Healey Tabbed To Lead Mobile Comunidad’s Efforts to Aide Jeff Davis County Residents.

Fort Davis Resident Dawn Healey has been named program manager for Mobile Comunidad. Mobile Comunidad is a collaborative effort between two non-profits…

‘Mobile Comunidad’ puts resources on wheels in Jeff Davis County

There’s a new collaborative effort to bring vital resources to every corner of Jeff Davis County, and with an infusion of upstart capital, the “Mobile Comunidad” program is preparing to offer assistance with hunger, literacy, health and technology – all delivered straight to residents’ front doors.

Library Programs Continue to Provide Relief to Communities in Need

If the library could combine all its social services, books and resources into one mobile vehicle that traveled around the county, they could reach

individuals that otherwise would be unable to reach them.


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